We make furniture and home-goods with honor.



We honor the act of making by keeping the "man" in manufacturing. We take pride in personally ensuring every product is made to the highest standard. Plus, we just love to make things with our hands.

Ecologically Friendly

We honor the source. We use natural, renewable resources. We use recyclable non-renewable materials. We up-cycle underutilized products. We strive to mimic abundantly efficient natural systems.

Made in the USA

We honor people by making everything locally. This way we know everyone who helps create a Tom Will Make product is paid a living wage. Together we help create a more vital local community.


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We hand-craft our furniture using sustainable, local materials (and a whole
lot of love) in our Cincinnati, OH shop.


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We design and build home-goods that
can become truly treasured parts of your
life and home.




The Horn Candle Holder featured in Monocle Magazine's 2015 Christmas Gift Guide.

December 15/January 16 issue of Monocle. http://monocle.com/magazine/issues/89/


Rope Baskets featured on The Upscout.


The Horn Candle Holder featured by Sight Unseen during NYCxD 2015.

Shown at Sight Unseen OFFSITE during NYCxD 2015 as part of "Curse the Darkness" by The American Design Club with Roll and Hill.




About Us 

We design and build furniture and home-goods in Cincinnati, OH. We make hand-crafted objects, we make sustainable decisions, and we make it all in America. 

Founders Thomas DeVore and Will Hinnefeld studied industrial design at the University of Cincinnati DAAP. They found they had a common passion for doing things independently and a common goal of doing good work. Good work respects the art of making, the environment where it is done, and the people it affects. 

At Tom Will Make we produce welcoming, endearing, and enduring products that invite a lifetime of use. We honor our work, so you can take pride in it too.


- Thomas DeVore and Will Hinnefeld